Sunday, October 13, 2013

Special Project to Thank My Lovely Followers

If you all follow my Wattpad messages and updates, you may have caught a post that I did earlier this week about wanting to thank all of the people who follow me on the site.

I mentioned that I wanted to do a little special project when I reach two thousand followers.

(Originally, I wanted to start the project when I hit one thousand; however, I hit that number while I was on my forced hiatus.)

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I figured that because not many of you follow this blog, it'll be a little way to share this secret with the few of you that do follow me on here. Consider this a big THANK YOU for being so wonderful.

With all that being said, I would like to WRITE A STORY WITH MY WATTPAD FOLLOWERS!

When the time comes, I want to ask my followers to give me specific details to use for the basis of a story for all of you guys and gals.
That would include setting, character names, traits, plot points, etc.

Of course, I'll go more in depth about it all when the time comes, but what do you guys think?
Does that sound like a good idea?

Thank you guys so much for your support!

xoxo - Mason
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