Monday, September 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Imaginary

I have finished my first story on wattpad here, and as promised, I'm going to share a little extra information about this story for my lovely readers!

Please read the story first before reading this post! here 

To being with, the idea for Imaginary came from a dream I had and a conversation I shared with one of my bestest friends.
I never NEVER planned for Imaginary to become more than a 2 or 3 chapter short story, but shortly after I began planning it out, I realized how much I really loved the idea of a shut-in being in love with his childhood imaginary friend.

After I created the characters and began writing for Tyler, I fell in love with the relationship between Tyler and Jerry. As toxic as it was for Tyler, Jerry was his absolute everything.

Do I even need to mention Daniel? In short, he is perfectly imperfect but absolutely perfect for Tyler.

As you know, the story is ended with an upbeat air, and the two of them are happy and looking forward to their lives together, but my biggest secret about Imaginary is the fact that the REAL ending, the ORIGINAL ending I planned out for Tyler, Jerry, and Daniel was far different than what I wrote.

In the original ending, Tyler doesn't get a happy ending. He sees his father with Daniel and loses his mind, shatters into a thousand pieces, and takes his own life.
In death, Tyler finally finds peace, and Daniel is left alone in the world, slowly becoming a hermit, scared to leave his own home, eventually choosing to take his own life in hopes that he can once again have Tyler in his life.

Twisted, huh?

Overall, I changed the ending because once I started writing, I couldn't break Tyler and Daniel up. The idea literally made me sick to my stomach, so I gave Tyler what he wanted instead. He gets his happy life and the opportunity to have an even better life with children. <3

I am so happy to have shared this experience with you all. Thank you all, and in a little under two months, I've had a story nearly reach 8k, and I have over 100 fans.
Thank you. Thank you.

- Mason

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