Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Not Dead!!


So, life has been sort of a strange, new lately. My boyfriend and I separated from our friend and old roommate, packed up our tiny apartment, and moved in with our collective BEST FRIEND into a tiny old house!

It's been an adjustment.

That's for sure.

I have been promoted at my place of work, and my boyfriend is making more money as well at his new job, so everything is coming together nicely but slowly.
Very slowly.

Speaking of my lovely boyfriend, he's actually buying me a laptop! (I'm currently bumming his.) So, I'm super douper excited to get back into the swing of writing, blogging, youtubing.
The whole shabang.

I actually have a pile of albums that I'm listening through in order to prepare some new music reviews for you guys.

Thanks (always and forever) for being so patient with me. It really means the world!!

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