Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music to Write to: BANKS - Goddess

Music to Write to: BANKS - Goddess

Why hello there again guys and gals. I'm here today with another album to review in my 'Music to Write to' column.

First things first, Jillian Rose Banks, AKA, BANKS, is a relatively new artist who has basically only been on the scene since 2013; however, she has apparently been writing music since the age of fifteen. 
(Thank you Wikipedia.)

She currently has two extended plays: Fall Over & London as well as her debut album Goddess. If you can't tell, I'm going to be reviewing her debut album; though, I highly recommend that everyone go check out her EPs as well!

Goddess was released on September 5th, 2014 through Harvest Records
So far, the album contains four singles: Brain, Goddess, Drowning, and Begging for Thread.
Two promotional singles have also been released: Change and Alibi.

The standard version of the album has fourteen songs in its track list while the deluxe edition has a total of eighteen. I will be reviewing the deluxe edition because, well, I can. (:

The album opens with Alibi.
Alibi is definitely a strong song to start with. BANKS' vocals stay on the higher spectrum, and I have to say that she sounds lovely. Her voice is smokey, often dark despite the pitch, and this gives the song a lovely contrast in feel. 
She sings, "I promise I'm usually better than this, and now I can't even recognize myself anymore; you turned me into this."

As the album continues, it quickly becomes blatantly evident that this gal has some serious writing talent to back her up. A quick check to Wikipedia shows me that BANKS is credited as a writer for each and every song on the album. 
By the time, This is What it Feels Like rolls around, you find yourself bumping with the rhythm, following each and every word she spills through the air. BANKS holds the ability to make you feel how each and every line of her songs is supposed to be felt, and I deeply enjoy every moment of it.

The album ends on Under the Table on the standard edition; however, on the deluxe edition, the closing song is Bedroom Wall. Both tracks are incredibly strong; though, I admit that I favor the latter. 
"You know how I see you; we should be one. 'Cause I already told you, baby. Last time I tried to sing you this song, couldn't get the words out, baby. My arms are open for you, look at me now." 
In Bedroom Wall, she embraces the love she's been so torn about during the album's journey. Despite Goddess having such a lusciously dark tone, BANKS' vocals carry so much more emotion than pain. Her range is phenomenal.

On a whole, I HIGHLY recommend this album. It's a beautiful piece of work that breathes life into a stagnant pool of over-processed pop queens and princesses. I promise that you won't regret the decision!

Favorite Tracks:  Goddess, Waiting Game, Brain, Stick, Fuck Em Only We Know, Drowning, Change, Warm Water, Fall Over, Before I Ever Met You, Bedroom Wall.

Least Favorite Track: None. I can't find a single track that I don't like!!

Rating: * * * * * (out of 5 *'s)

Please support this lovely artist by purchasing this album! I have included the iTunes link, and I will do so again!

BANKS is going to be a lovely addition to my ever growing writing playlist!

Let me know what you guys and gals think of the album! What was your favorite song? Thanks so much for reading!

- With love, Mason

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